[chart] missing data gap


How do I set the datapoint for missing or out or range data? 

As an example:

Date Temperature
X1 = 04/01/1953 Y1 = 36.7
X2 = 04/02/1953 Y2 = 67.5
X3 = 04/03/1953 Y3 = 9999.9
X4 = 04/04/1953 Y4 = 78.2

Obviously,  9999.9 is not a valid temperature so I need to skip this record and continue.  Can a point be set to null so it does not plot?

Thanks in advance.


I need the exact same feature, and asked the same question few days ago. Unfortunately this is not supported. But a work around is creating multiple series: http://www.shinobicontrols.com/forum/shinobicontrols/2013/8/nil-y-values/

I hope this will eventually be supported “the right way”.


Thankyou 925dk. This is interesting. 

I changed the code so that it would skip the row with the out-of-range record [Apr 18, 1953] (bad data) and it produced the datapoint anyway.  Does anyone know how to modify an axis label to add an asterix to that date (ie Apr18, 1953 * ) or change this label color indicating the value is a point on the slope and not an actual temperature?


Do you have exactly one tick mark per data point? If not, then editing the tick marks themselves might not be the best solution as tick marks can change frequency as the user zooms. Maybe you could add an annotation over the missing point or on the axis (perhaps a red exmalation mark or a cross)?

We have logged the interest for discontinuous series as our development is very customer driven. I can assure you that your interest really shapes our development choices. This feature is definitely on our radar, but I can’t say anything more concrete at this moment in time.