Chart refresh problem (Xamarin.iOS)


Hi, I have a problem with resetting the data source of my chart.

The old labels on the chart are not removed, this can be seen in the following image:

I’m updating my data source the following way:

            _shinobiChart.DataSource = new ChartDataSource(_alternateData ? _data1 : _data2);


        private readonly List<int> _data1 = new List<int>() { 5, 4, 3};
        private readonly List<int> _data2 = new List<int>() { 8, 7, 6};


A small Xamarin.iOS project that reproduces the problem can be found here:


Iam also facing same problem the labels are coming two times after reloading.


@Swathi: are you using the native Objective-C controls or the Xamarin.iOS version?


objective-c controls


Ok, so at least it’s got nothing to do with me using C#.


@ the Shinobi developers: is it possible to look into this issue? 


I have been experiancing this issue for awhile now too.


Due to the lack of response I assume the company must not look here for customer issues/defects. Does anyone know if there is a place to report software defects that would be seen by the developers?


Hi codan3,

I have just sent an email to referring to my support key, my company has bought the complete Shinobi suite) about this issue and other problems I have been experiencing with Shinobi charts during the development of my app.

Hopefully things got sorted out as ssoon as possible.

I like this product very much (it looks good and the APIs are nice), I just wish it was less buggy (for a Xamarin.iOS developer), I cannot say if the same issues happen with native controls.


@codan3 and @swathi: I gave up on this and found a workaround.

When I need to update my data source, I simply remove the chart from my view, create a new chart, add it and set my data source to it.

There is no visual difference (at least not when you use an animated chart) so that seems to be a reasonable solution/workaround.


Hi Everyone,

Thanks for reporting this - I’ve raised it as an issue and we will look into it shortly. In the meantime if you do have this problem then I suggest that you use boo-lee’s solution of removing the chart from view and creating a new one.

Hopefully this will be fixed soon!