[chart] showing incorrect crosshair month?


First -  your chart control is outstanding. however  I am having a problem with the date part of the X/Y pair in the crosshairs:

chart with incorrect date

In the above image, the month date should be 10/15/1971 and it shows 42/14/1971.

Here is the relevant code ( I think) 

code part one

code part 2


  1. Is is possible to  show Oct 15, 1971 instead of 10/15/1971 on the axis?  If I use month name syntax it displays Jan rather than Oct.
  2. I would like to pad the date axis 1 day on each side - how do I subtract 1 and add 1 day to the range padding?
  3. The chart  will display 52 weeks of daily data. I would like to display one week at a time and allow the user to slide by weeks - is that possible?
  4. And lastly, when the user touches a point, I would like to show the point values in a label outside the chart.  Is that possible?

Thanks so much in advance.


Hi AppsbyBN,

Have you tried replacing the format string in your date formatter to “MM/dd/yyyy”?

As m’s represent minutes and M’s represent months.

Let me know how you get on.

Kind Regards,
Andrew Polkinghorn


Thank you Mark, that fixed the problem.