Charts have wrong colors after upgrading project to android studio 3


Hey guys.

I upgraded my project so that it uses Android Studio 3.0 (coming from 2.3).
When the upgrade was finished and the project was running smoothly, I went to one of the screens in the app that use android charts and I noticed that the color scheme changed.

My charts went from to

And it’s been the same for other types of charts but I can’t add more images due to post restrictions.

There haven’t been any changes to the code that displays the charts.
All changes that were made during the upgrade to Android Studio 3 are directly related to the changes in the gradle files as described in the official migration guide at https://

The version I currently use is 1.7.1-1.

Is this a known issue and has it been been fixed in newer releases?

Please note that the difference in text and chart sizes in the images are probably due to the fact that the screenshots were taken on different devices and are not part of the issue.




Hello Paul,
Thanks for getting in touch. We are sorry to hear that you are having issues with shinobicharts. Currently we use version 3 of Android Studio with which we have had no issue. We have not yet however upgraded to the newer version of the Gradle plugin - this is on our backlog. If we encounter a problem with this we will of course seek to resolve it but we cannot currently say when this will be.
I have noticed that you are using quite an old version of our charts. Is it possible for you to upgrade? It is possible that this may resolve the issue.


Upgrading to version 1.9.4-0 solved the issue.