Charts like zulutrade?


can you please explain how to accomlish charts like of one of your clients, zulutrade? there is nothing in the android documentation to describe indicators (seperate bottom series, overlays (moving average), crosshair on click, shared tooltips etc’. Can you please confirm if the charts used by the app are yours and how can i get the same result? 


Anyone? In case you’re not sure which charts I’m refering to, here it is:


Hi vladik1985ab,

As you have seen on our Showcase page ZuluTrade do make use of ShinobiCharts in their app but any questions you have about their particular implementation should of course be directed to them.

More generally our charting library, both on iOS and Android is very flexible and allows you to customise your charts in many ways. We take the approach that we display the information given to us, so for things like moving average it would be a case of creating the data for the chart to present rather than the chart doing it out-the-box. We provide standard chart elements like the crosshair and tooltip but do allow for customisation of these elements and their behaviour, particularly through our callback interfaces.

Of course we’re always looking to advance and improve our controls and so welcome feedback from our users!

I’m not sure what you mean exactly by ‘separate bottom series’ - our charts can contain multiple series and of course you can have multiple ChartViews in a Fragment/Activity.

I hope that helps answer your question.

Kind regards,