Charts Premium vs Standard - Annotations


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I’m sorry if this has been already discussed before, but I couldn’t find any detailed information.

For me, the most notable difference between standard and premium chart price plans is Annotations. What exactly annotations are, in terms of Shinobi features? If I go for standard edition does this mean that I wouldn’t be able to annotate charts at all? Or I can still put some labels on charts? Or maybe premium version just adds some sort of specific annotations one could live without? Can I see some examples please? 

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Does somebody from Shinobi wish to comment?


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Annotations are customisable labels that can be placed above or behind the chart’s data. There are two predefined annotations:

  • Label annotations: These are labels that can be customised but by default hold the data values you provide. An example of what Label annotations look like can be found HERE. That image is taken from our ShinobiPlay app available from the AppStore.

  • Band Annotations: These are horizontal or vertical bands that stretch across the entire chart between the two data values you provide. An example of what band annotations look like can be found HERE.

Apart from annotations you also get access to a number of Financial and advanced chart types (e.g. Candlestick, OHLC, Band) along with multiple X & Y axes, Logarithmic and Discontinuous axes.

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