Click listeners on bar in bar charts android and ios


Hi all,
i am new here, just found this library.
i want to use Bar chart in my app which is for both android nd ios. and i have to use same chart in both natively.
also can i customize X and Y axis as my own.

and in the last most important question for me. which ios version it supports. swift and xcode versions minimum and maximum.

waiting for response ASAP.


Hello mubashar26,

Our charts in both iOS and Android flavours do offer bar chart functionality and our axes objects are indeed customisable. I would recommend you download a free trial and experiment, to see if our charts meet your requirements.

We support all versions of iOS back to 7.0, and all versions of Xcode/Swift back to this point. We do of course always focus on the latest versions of such tools.

I hope this helps,