Clipping axis to lowest value of multiple LineSeries [Android]


I have one chart which contains a number of LineSeries, each of the LineSeries update in order at a set rate.

Lets say for example my rate is 1s and has 5 LineSeries, as the first LineSeries updates the X-Axis updates to hold its new value,  the other 4 do not have a value as high as this one, so the other LineSeries abruptly end at their last value, and the data jumps.

 Is there anyway to present the series smoothly without some sort of custom buffer layer?

Basically I want to set the X-Axis minimum value of most recent update for each LineSeries.  It is OK if the most recent update is not actually displayed until the next update as the polling rate is sufficent.



I think what you’re looking for is Axis.setCurrentDisplayedRangePreservedOnUpdate(boolean). This will stop the axis automatically changing its range when data comes in. You will then need to use Axis.requestCurrentDisplayedRange(T, T) to set the axis range to the actual value you want it to be. The logic for deciding what that value should actually be for your app is up to you.

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Robin Sillem