Column chart colors mixed



I have a column chart with 5 different series in it. Each series has it own color: blue, green, red, yellow and gray. But every time the iOS device renders this chart, the colors get mixed. I have the following amount of data points:

  1. Blue: 1 data points
  2. Red: 1 data points
  3. Green: 2 data points
  4. Yellow: 0 data points
  5. Gray: 2 data points

Here are some screenshots:

Note that some times the yellow color is used despite the amount of points.

The stacking is correct, but as showed above the colors are mixed. How can I solve this?



Hi hugowschneide,

This isn’t currently a bug we’re aware of - would you mind sending in the code you used to reproduce it to our support email? ( We should be able to get the dev team to take a look at it soon

Best regards,