Column chart: how to increase gaps between sets


I’d like to increase the gaps between sets of column as indicated here

I am aware of and , and have read the documentation about them.

But theses do not give me enough spacing as I would like to have between the sets.

How do I increase the spacing even further?



May I ask why**  **doesn’t achieve what you’re after?

This property takes an NSNumber in the range 0 to 1 (non-inclusive) with 0 representing no padding between groups of series of the same data value whereas 0.99 (for example) results in 99% of the plot area being used for padding and the remaining 0.01% used for rendering the columns.

Hopefully with a bit of experimenting you should be able to get the amount of padding you’re after.

I hope that helps!



Ahh!!! it wasn’t clear from the documentation that the value is non-inclusive. I tried 0 and it worked, so I thought 1 should work too.

You might want to update the docs and state that explicitly


Thanks for the feedback - I agree it could be a lot clearer and will amend our documentation.