Column seires width and specific color for an individual bar



I searched the forum a lot for the following issues in my iOS app, using Shinobi Charts:

  1. Adjusting width of column in column series.

  2. Changing color of a particular column.

First, all the posts were near about 1 year old. Some of your members mentioned in it that you guys are looking forward for inculcating these properties in shinobi charts. I need to ask are these properties available for Column series yet ? If not then what are the possible solutions to achieve the above mentioned points.

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Hi vishwesh88,

Our recent release of ShinobiCharts v2.7.0 included an update that allows for individually styled data points in a column series. See this blog post for an intro to this new feature -

In order to change the width of columns, the properties interSeriesPadding and interSeriesSetPadding may be of interest to you. These control the padding between (sets of) series which in the case of a column series influences the amount of space available for the columns to take.

Let me know how you get on with your charts/app :slight_smile:




Thanks a lot. That helped a lot in achieving what we desired. Really thankful to shinobi control people for introducing this feature. Looking forward to buy license.

I also have a query regarding buying the license. We need gauges and charts both in our applications, so what would be the best package to buy.

Please suggest.




No problem - glad you got it sorted!  :laughing:

It would probably be best to send an email to so that our sales team can dicuss the best bundle options with you directly.


Current scenario for multi colored bar graph

Hi Ryan,

I implemented the method mentioned to change the color of bars in a single series it worked perfectly. Loved the feature. But had a problem with the width of the bars. I tried increasing and decreasing the interSeriesPadding property for the X axis. It decreased the width perfectly but wasn’t able to increase the width though.

Please suggest.




Have you tried reducing the interSeriesSetPadding as indicated by Simon in this post?