Column series custom crosshair tracking


We are using version 2.7.3 with a custom crosshair

For Line series charts, you can tap anywhere above or below the line and the crosshair+tooltip shows up. With discontinous line series you can tap to the left or right of a point and it shows up. Moving your finger anywhere left or right moves the crosshair+tooltip along the series.

For Column series charts, you have to tap directly on the column to get the crosshair+tooltip to show. Moving to other columns in the series requires your finger to pass directly over the data column again.

Hopefully I am just missing something obvious. Is it possible to make the crosshair behave the same for Column series charts, where it shows up and moves along the series even if you arent directly touching the data column?

*seems like an earlier version of the framework had this behavior for Column series charts with our crosshair.


Same issue is there with bar chart, I have raised this concern couple of days ago, but until now no response from Shinobi. The crosshair works perfectly on line charts but not in bar charts and coloumn chart as you also experienced.



Thanks for getting in touch!

This is currently intended behaviour of the bar and column series - unfortunately this isn’t customisable at the moment however I’ve added this to our backlog, where we will look into exposing the hit detection functionality. Given this seems to be a demanded feature we may have it available in an upcoming release of charts.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,
Andrew Polkinghorn


Hi MrAPolk, is there any alternate solution to get the crosshair not to show when values are null ??


Hi Sharonnatheaniel,

I haven’t tried this myself but I expect that there should be a way of achieving this, although it might take a bit of customisation. One approach would be to try subclassing the crosshair and implementing one of the’moveTo…’ methods to hide the crosshair when you think it should be hidden.



Hi Jan,

I tried subclassing SChartCrosshair, but XCode is always giving me error saying "Cannot find interface declaration for “SChartCrosshair”, I have imported #import<ShinobiCharts/ShinobiCharts.h>. What am I doing wrong? 



SChartCrosshair is not included in ShinobiCharts.h, but can be accessed using

#import <ShinobiCharts/SChartCrosshair.h>

Hope that helps, please get back in touch if you need further assistance!



Hi sburnstone,

I tried to create a custom crosshair, it hides the crosshair when nil value is encountered. But this does not solve the problem, the feature we had before in shinobi was that it automatically gave us the 0 values, and the crosshair was visible all the time when user is traversing thorugh the series. But with the custom crosshair, as soon as the nil value is encountered the crosshair is gone and the user have to tap again on the series; which is not good as our users have seen this work before. Also it makes crosshair incosistent, as in other line graphs it works and in bar chart is does not; it does not provide users with good experience specially when they are above 62 age. Please do bring back that feaure of bar and coloum charts in crosshair, its was a very important feature.


Hi sharonnathaniel,

I’ve just had a read of this thread and your separate thread here:

I think there has been some confusion. It seems that the OP in this thread was asking how to change the behaviour where tooltips/crosshairs can only be shown via a gesture directly inside each column. Whereas your original thread appears to be about a completely different tooltip bug where x-values of 0 show as null with incorrect y-values.

This has made this thread slightly muddled (if I’m right), so it’s probably best for me to clarify for the sake of future readers. MrAPolk’s response is only relevant to jordan-ev’s original message. The subsequent messages aren’t really relevant to the original query (or even to sharronnathaniel’s separate thread) due to the confusion between these two issues. Short version: ignore everything in this thread other than jordan-ev’s and MrAPolk’s first messages.

sharonnathaniel - I’d like to help get to the bottom of your issue, but separately from this thread. So I’ll soon be picking up the discussion here -



yep, thread got off track…MrAPolk answered the original question


Are there any news regarding this issue yet? 

The ColumnSeries behaving differently is a major showstopper for us right now since we can’t have a stock volume indicator that behaves completely different to any other indicator showing a line series.