Column Series edge be cut off


When i use SChartCategoryAxisand initial with SChartNumberRange.

The first and last column always be cut off.

my x-axis follow:

SChartNumberRange *numberRange = [[SChartNumberRange alloc] initWithMinimum:@0 andMaximum:@2];

SChartCategoryAxis *xAxis = [[SChartCategoryAxis alloc] initWithRange:numberRange];

the result will be:

How can i fix it? please help me, thanks.


As well as setting the range, you will also want to set the rangePaddingLow and rangePaddingHigh. The value 0 corresponds to the exact center of the Broccoli label, so you will need to set

xAxis.rangePaddingLow = @0.5;
    xAxis.rangePaddingHigh = @0.5;


Hi tkelly,

it works, very appreciate.