Compatibility with version 2.8



I have a bug on a project that uses version 2.8.1 of charts on iOS in Xamarin. It does not seem to compile with the newest version of Visual Studio.

On the forum, I’ve been suggested to try and compile my project using 2.10, I tried checking out a trial version of 2.10, but there seem to be many differences in interfaces, which would force me to re-write a significant part of my App’s code.

Regarding license, my company bought a license in the past, when licenses were one time off, before you moved to the subscription model. Right now I don’t have an up to date subscription.

My question would be: do you have a newer version of the library that is compatible with the 2.8.1 interface for me to try to compile my project?

My problem is that my client requested a minor change and I am suddenly not able to compile the project. I could be able to get authorisation from the client to buy a low tier subscription to the library, but he would probably not agree with having to pay for the library+ the development hours that it would take me to update the App to run with the latest version of shinobicharts.



Hi amantaut,
Back when we developed version 2.8.1, the toolset which we used for the creation of Xamarin bindings did not work so well with protocols. Subsequently we had a considerable amount of manual work to do which I suspect is the reason why the duplicate classes exist in this version. At the time, Visual Studio (or perhaps even Xamarin Studio back then) was a lot less strict and would not flag such errors. I stumbled across a BugZilla entry that supports this here.
We’ve not had many reports of issues with our Xamarin bindings so I believe this issue was resolved in later versions. I appreciate that this does not help your current situation. Our API has evolved somewhat since this version and I realise that to update your client code to be compatible would require some work.
I did notice that it appears you can download older versions of Visual Studio from Microsoft’s website. I wonder if this might be an option for you?
To answer your question we do not have a newer version of our library which addresses your issue but at the same time is compatible with the 2.8.1 interface. I apologise for this but if I can be of further help please ask.