Converting SChartAnnotation Origin to view container point


Is it possiblet o convert the SChartAnnotation Origin to the UIView container point? I tried doing this, but I get weird points.

    CGPoint convertedPoint = [Superview convertPoint:SChartAnnotation.frame.origin fromView:SChartAnnotation]; 


Hi wingyn,

The pseudo-code you have posted will convert the annotation’s origin from its own coordinate space to the coordinate space of “Superview”, but I’m not sure about some of the terms you’ve used and how they relate to the annotation. Would you be able to clarify a couple of things for me?

  1. Is the “Superview” you have mentioned the superview of the annotation?
  2. Which view is the “UIView container” that you have mentioned?




I fixed the problem, this post can be deleted. Thanks for answering though :slight_smile:


Glad you got it sorted! If the solution was easy it might be cool to post it here to help anyone that comes across similar issues.