Couldn't load image 44_no_sort.png


Running in the simulator works fine.

Running on the device (an iPad, in this case) yields an error:

Couldn’t load image 44_no_sort.png

I first noticed this with my own app, but it seems to happen with the sampels as well.  For example, this problem is completely reproduceable for me with the StylingTheGrid sample.


Hi Eric,

Am I right in thinking that you are using Xamarin.iOS?  If so we believe this might be an issue in Xamarin Studio.  Could you please try setting the target to be the device, rather than the simulator, then doing a full rebuild of the solution, and then running the sample app on the device?  In our reproduction of the issue that seems to resolve the problem.  It seems to be something to do with the build process in Xamarin Studio.

Let me know if that doesn’t resolve the problem (or if indeed you’re not using Xamarin.iOS)!



Yes, Xamarin.iOS

That worked.



I’m having this problem, and I am NOT using Xamarin.iOS…just a standard native iOS app. However, I have the problem on both an iPad AND in the simulator. Ideas?


In the classic problem-solving technique of “post your question…find your own answer immediately after,” I realized I was copying the ShinobiGrids.framework folder from one leve too deep. Moved up to the ShinobiGrids.framework that contains another ShinobiGrids.framework PLUS a Resources folder, and it works fine.  :grin: