Creating grid with right to left orientation


how can i create shinobi grid that supports right to left languages?


Hello Aqra,

I don’t speak or write any right to left languages myself so I am not entirely familiar with the nuances of the language. However, if you just would like the text in the grid to be right aligned that is possible.

If you are using a SGridAutoCell or any of its subclasses then you should be able to access the textField property of it and set the alignment to whatever you please.



thanx Jan for your help, but its not just the text within the cell that i am trying to align the problem is that the grid is designed to display data from left to right (scroll, columns orders, ETC.) while what i need is from right to left.

how can i do that?


If you would like your grid’s column orders to be right to left, you only need to swap this round in your data source. As for scroll, the grid is a subclass of scrollview so you can set its contentOffset so that the grid is scrolled to the right when it is first loaded. This should fix the two problems you have mentioned.


Also, you can swap the yAxis position to the right, as mentioned here: