Crosshair is "sticky" at series boundaries


This is for Xamarin. I have a line graph with 4 series on it, all nicely connected. I have my crosshair mode set to SChartCrosshairMode.Floating. I notice though that as I scrub my finger, the tooltip appears to get stuck sometimes at the series juncture. I can still scrub continuously, but it takes some effort. I don’t really know how to describe it other than it feels “sticky”. If you look at this example:

Where the yellow dot is located is where 2 series connect (If the dot wasn’t there it would just look like one continuous graph, albeit with 2 different colors). When I get to this point, the tooltip “sticks” under certain situations. It seems like if I keep scrubbing and my finger remains below the graph, it’ll never unstick. But if I move my scrubbing finger up farther, like getting close to the bottom of the yellow dot, it’ll “unstick”.

This happens whether or not I’m interpolating between the points.


Hi Architekt,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, and apologies for the issues you’re seeing. I’ve managed to reproduce the behaviour you describe, and it looks as though this is a bug in our crosshair tracking. I’ve logged the bug and I’ll update this post when there’s a fix available.

In the meantime, you could work around the issue as follows:

  • Put the full set of datapoints (including everything after the yellow dot) in the first series (blue)
  • Disable the crosshair on the second series (green)

This should not affect the appearance of the chart, as the green line will be drawn on top of the blue line, but the crosshair should work smoothly as it will only be tracking a single series.

I hope that helps.

Kind regards,



Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately neither of those workarounds will do the trick for me, so I’ll wait on a fix. Is there a bug database I can look at to follow the progress of the issue? Thanks.


Hi Architekt,

Just to clarify what I said earlier:

This is a single workaround, i.e. you’ll need to do both of these things in order to work around the issue. If you’ve tried that, please can you tell me why it doesn’t work for you? Perhaps we can suggest another option.

Unfortunately we don’t have a public bug database where you can follow the issue’s progress in detail - but as I mentioned we will update this thread when a fix is available. If we could understand why the workaround doesn’t work for you then that could give the issue a higher priority than it currently has.

Kind regards,