CrossHair listener function is not getting invoked


I am using Shinobi for Android to display a daily graph . I have enabled the crossHair functionality for my graph using the following function - setCrosshairEnabled(true) for my line series.When I printout the value for this it also shows as true confirming that cross hair is indeed enabled

However When I long press a data point on the graph it never invokes the setOnCrosshairListener function on my chart. Is there anything  I am missing out because of which this call is never invoked?

Display default tool tip in Android


Thanks for getting in touch. 

May I please ask, when you long press a data point do you see the default cross hair and tool tip on your line series? The method setCrosshairEnabled(true) will enable the default crosshair and tooltip, which will be shown upon a long press gesture.

Your comments suggest that you are trying to implement custom cross hair functionality. The method setOnCrosshairDrawListener(ShinobiChart.OnCrosshairDrawListener) allows you to set an object to handle crosshair draw callbacks.

Could you please post your code which you are using to implement your crosshair?

For reference you may find this guide useful:




This problem still exists in my app . 

I am not able to see the default crosshair and tooltip when I long press a data point. My requirement is to show the default tooltip when the user long presses on a data point. I have implemeted the setCrosshairEnabled(true)  on my series. Yet when I long press on a datapoint I do not see the default tooltip or crosshair.

Below is a sample code 

 LineSeries sysSeries = getLineSeries(getActivity().getResources().getColor(R.color. graph_color_ox_spo2 ));




I am sorry to hear that you are still having issues with the Crosshair. I notice you appear to be using an older version of our API, may I please ask which version of shinobicharts you are using? Is it at all possible for you to update to the latest version? The crosshair API has received significant revision, with the functionality of the Crosshair and the Tooltip being separated. It is of course feasible that you have identified a bug in our library which we have fixed in a later version.

Is it possible for you to contact us at and provide a small cut-down version of your app, demonstrating the issue please?