Custom SEssentialsTabHeaderView in Xamarin


I am trying to change this display of the tabs in my SEssentialsTabbedView.  Using the example Xamarin tutorial, I was able change the way tabs appeared, but they no longer switch tabs when I touch them.  I also attempted to subclass SEssentialsTabHeaderView instead of fully implementing ISEssentialsTabHeaderViewProtocol, but if I try to set my tab’s header property to my SEssentialsTabHeaderView subclass I get an error that it isn’t a ISEssentialsTabHeaderViewProtocol.

Even trying something like:

tab.TabHeaderView = new SEssentialsTabHeaderView ();

gives the error

 Error CS0266: Cannot implicitly convert type `Shinobi.Essentials.SEssentialsTabHeaderView' to `Shinobi.Essentials.ISEssentialsTabHeaderViewProtocol'. An explicit conversion exists (are you missing a cast?) (CS0266) (IosGold)

Am I missing something?