Customizing multiple axis ShinobiChart


chartI would like to customize graph from the image and I have got a few questions

  1. Is it possible to make tickmarks between labels on the x axis? I would like to achieve something like: | Jan | Feb | Mar | …
  2. Is it possible to make tooltip appear only at points in the line chart? My values are concrete so I would not like to tooltip be floating (and showing values in a continuous way).
  3. How to remove the crosshair but not the tooltip?


Hi patryks23,

  1. and 3) are available through properties on the chart and subobjects - to make the tooltip discrete you can set chart.crosshair.interpolatePoints to NO. To remove the crosshair you can set chart.crosshair.enableCrosshairLines to NO.
    Currently we don’t support tickmarks appearing between the labels, however you may be able to fake this with large minor tickmarks - chart.xAxis.minorTickStyle.lineWidth = @10 and .tickGap = @20, for example.

Hope this helps!