DataGrid column content align



In a DataGrid, how can i align the content of a column and remove the space at left?




Hi Igor,

Thanks for getting in touch - the padding you’re looking for is set via the leftIndentForTextView property - this isn’t currently exposed however if you add the following interface to your project:

@interface SDataGridTextInputCell (indent)
@property (nonatomic, assign) float leftIndentForTextView;

This should allow you to zero out the leftIndent property, which should remove all the space at the left.

Let me know if this does the trick!

Best regards,


Is there a imilar property we can access for SDataGridColumn?



Hey Steve,

We currently don’t offer this on the column, as you could have other cell types which don’t have an indent property, however this is something we may look into providing :slight_smile:

Best regards, Rob