DataGrid custom cell respondToEditEvent never get hit



I’ve just downloaded the code for custom cell editing and it didn’t work!Popover does not appear because respondToEditEvent never get hit!

I’ve tried the same code in my application and the behaviour is the same!

Any Help?



Greetings Program!

Which code are you talking about? Is it one of the sample apps? I don’t see any popover code in the sample apps.



This one,


I couldn’t figure out why it doesn’t automatically fire, but if you add this to manually fire it, you’ll be good to go:

- (void)shinobiDataGrid:(ShinobiDataGrid *)grid didTapCellAtCoordinate:(SDataGridCoord *)coordinate isDoubleTap:(BOOL)isDoubleTap
    // Find the cell that was tapped.
    SDataGridCell* cell = (SDataGridCell*)[self.shinobiDataGrid visibleCellAtCoordinate:coordinate];

    if ([coordinate.column.title isEqualToString:@"Title"])
        PickerCell* pickerCell = (PickerCell*)cell;
	[pickerCell respondToEditEvent];



That was the solution I’ve found too, but it’s still a workaround!

Thanks anyway,



I’ve downloaded the code sample from gitub and put grids version 2.5.3 in. The respondToEditEvents is called whenever a single tap occurs on the Title column.

Which version of the grids are you using?


hmm…seems 2.5.2


Ditto. Too many versions in the folder; should have checked which version I linked to the project. :grin:

It works with 2.5.3