dataIndex in toggledSelectionForPoint:


Hi everyone,

i’m using the _sChart: toggledSelectionForPoint: inSeries:   _to get informed whenever a point in a line chart is pressed. But i’m having problems to get the dataIndex of the point being pressed. I need to know the Index to find the corresponding data object.

I tried subclassing SChartDataPoint to add the index directly there but the SChartDataPoint received by the delegate method is different from the point created in sChart: dataPointAtIndex: forSeriesAtIndex:

Any ideas?




Hi Stefan,

The index property on the datapoint should be the index of the closest datapoint to the tap (based on the chart’s interpolation) - are you managing to get an index back from the datapoint? If so, what kind of values are you seeing?

Best regards,



Hi Rob,

the index property is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!