Degrading Chart (Android)


I’m noticing the chart start to get jagged after a while and a lot of updates.  It takes about 20 minutes of replacing 1500 datapoints every second before I notice anything.  I was wondering if there might be something I can do to prevent and/or analyze this.

Here’s how it starts off looking:

And here’s after 20 minutes:


I figured out the issue is with displaying data with more than 8 digits.  Basically it’s not showing data along the x axis that is more than 8 digits, including decimal places.  So, for example, displaying 1234.567890 will show on the same spot as 1234.567811.  When the number is less than 1000 it shows 5 decimal places.  Is this a setting somewhere?  I read the data back out of the DataAdapter after adding it and it had the same (correct) number so it’s somewhere between adding and rendering it.  Also, the ticks show everything after the 8th digit as a 0, so the above numbers are both 1234.567800.


This was due to Shinobi Charts using floats internally and passing in doubles.  The solution, thanks to this post -[160]-strange-rendering-behaviour-on-numericaxis was to decrement the value when converting to chart values and increment by the same amount when converting to labels.