Deprecated method replacements on SChartAxis



We have missed a few versions and upgraded from charts version 2.6.1 to 2.8.7 in that period the methods on SChartAxis as follows have been completely removed.

- (void)zoomToPoint:(double)point withRange:(double)range withAnimation:(BOOL)animate usingBounceLimits:(BOOL)bounce;

- (void)zoomToPoint:(double)point withRange:(double)range;

What should I be using now to replicate this functionality?


Hi Ants,

The zoomToPoint:withRange:withAnimation:usingBounceLimits: and zoomToPoint:withRange: methods were deprecated in version 2.8.6 and removed in version 2.9.0, so you should still be able to use them in 2.8.7 with a deprecation warning. (You’ll find the deprecated methods in the SChartAxis+Deprecated.h header.)

To avoid the warnings and replicate the functionality of the zoomToPoint: methods, you can use the setRange:withAnimation: method on SChartAxis instead.

I hope that helps.