Deprecated methods



I’ve just updated my app to the latest Shinobi and am getting warnings about deprecated methods.

One method is [SChartCrosshair crosshairChartGotLongPressAt:]  but there is no mention in the documentation on what mehod I should use now to achive the same effect.

I find this all the time with Shinobi controls that methods are randomly deprecated but no information is given on the alternative way or method to achive the same effect. Apple tend to do this in their documentation. Also the fact that the method is depreated is not mentioned in the documentation only in the header files.

It’s fine when new customers use Shinobi as they will just stay well clear of deprecated methods but it’s not helpful for developers that have been using the library for a while and that have been using older vesions of the library and upgrade from time to time.



Thanks for getting in touch - a large amount of the crosshair API was revamped in a recent release and we plan to remove these methods when there is equivalent functionality available through a newly planned gesture API - the methods will remain until then, however. With most of our deprecations we provide notice via compiler warnings as to alternate functionality elsewhere, however in this case this wasn’t done. I’ve noted your feedback, as with our upcoming API improvements we will provide more guidance for existing customers :slight_smile:

Kind regards,



Hi Rob,

Thanks for getting back to me. It’s really helpful to have deprecation information in the documentation as well as header files to give information even if just a hint on what API to use in it’s place. Our app which has been using Shinobi for ages had a lot of deprecation warnings most of which had no information on how to implement the changes that we needed without these specfic APIs. We had to hook into some of the more advanced APIs to achive the features and look that we want.

It’s impossible for us to keep track of every change release to release as we only work on our shinobi based apps when the client wants us too, so it’s hard for us to be pro-active. Deprecations are really useful to see what is on it’s way out, so knowing how to implement this required functionality with new APIs is essential.

Another  method _[SChartAxis _refreshDataRange] is throwing a deprecation warning, do you know how I should achive this action now?




Thanks for the clarification - regarding your refreshDataRange - this method was never documented, so in order to direct you to the right solution, can I ask your use case for calling it?