Different line styles from data point to data point in a line chart


Is it possible to define different line styles for a single line within a line chart? 

Background: We have data that might have gaps. We still want to connect all data points within the graph but visualize gaps by using a dotted line between these two points.

Is that currently possible or is it planned for a future release?



This is not something we currently support but it is something we’d like to support in future.  Currently you’d have to simulate this using multiple line series which is possible and you can hide them from the legend so they don’t show up as multiple line series.  At the moment we don’t support dashed styles but you could certainly leave a gap or use an alternate colour or something like that.  I’ll make sure to register your interest in a discontinuous series (which is what we’re calling that concept) for our roadmap planning.




Thanks you Jesse for your response. I’m sad that you don’t support it right now but I’m glad that you’d like to support it in the future.


also interested in dash style for series, not only annotations