Disable Console Logging - Shinobi Charts


Is there any way to disable the logging statements that Shinobi charts is blurting out to the console?

An example of what I’m seeing:

The datasource for this chart has specified that there are 0 series …etc…


Hi Skelimon.

My colleague Chris has provided an answer to this question on the following forum post: http://www.shinobicontrols.com/forum/shinobicontrols/2013/3/warning-axis-width-does-not-provide-enough-space-to-fit-the-tickmarks-and-ticklabels/

Kind regards,

Daniel Allsop


I would also like to know how to disable console logging.  The linked thread only says it will be available soon, but that was in 2013.



You should be able to call setLoggingEnabled:NO on the class ShinobiChartLog, which should resolve this for you :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!