Discontinuous line series can not be smoothed



I’ve been using a data smoother on my line series and it was working fine. Just now I wanted to visualize gaps in the data by using the discontinuous line series feature, by returning nil as the y-value of the center of the gap. This currently only works if the data smoother is deactivated. If the smoother is activated, the curve goes through the gap, and the missing value is treated as a drop to the baseline.

Is this a limitation of the discontinuous series?

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Follow-up question: is there any other way to visualize gaps in the data? I saw that there was an “individual point styling” feature, but this seems to only apply when individual points of the series are rendered. Is there is no such thing as an “individual line styling”? Or perhaps it could be done with a separate line series for each continuous data region?


Hi Alex,

To answer your first post: unfortunately this is a limitation of our data smoothers at present. We’ve added an issue to our backlog to improve the behaviour or data smoothers on discontinuous line series but currently we have no estimate on when this will be implemented.

However, there is a workaround to get the smoothers to work with discontinuities in the data:

  1. Create a data smoother object (an instance of ACKMidPointSmoother or ACKCatmullRomSplineSmoother).
  2. Before loading the data into the chart, use the data smoother’s adaptedDataPointsFromDataPoints method to smooth each batch of data (i.e. between each discontinuity) and store the results.
  3. Add a nil data point between each batch of smoothed data.
  4. In your data source, return the smoothed data array.

To answer your follow-up question, there isn’t currently such a thing as “individual line styling”. If you wish to use different colours then a separate series for each set of data would probably be the best solution.

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Hi Alison, thanks a lot!