Display default tool tip in Android (1)


Have a very basic question on my Android app. I am using Shinobi to plot my daily weekly monthly graphs.

The y axis show a specific reading and the x axis display the corresponding date.

The issue I am facing is when I long press on a point in graph it does not display the default tool tip (X axis and Y axis value)

During initialization I have done the following and also implemented the onCrosshairPositionChanged function but I see that this function is never invoked and the default tool tip is never displayed

protected void initShinobiChart(ChartView chartView) {
   ShinobiChart shinobiChart = getShinobiChart();
   if(shinobiChart == null) return;
   shinobiChart.setOnCrosshairListener(new OnCrosshairListener() {

public void onCrosshairPositionChanged(ShinobiChart chart) {
         //The Control never enters this function when I long press a datapoint in my graph
         //Enter customized code

public void onCrosshairActivationChanged(ShinobiChart chart) {
         // to do Nothing



This looks like it is a duplicate of the following post:

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