Display the Grid before the data is overlaid


The data I will be displaying requires 2-3 minutes to generate. So I don’t wnat the user to be looking at a blank screen for too long. 

So I need to display the grid (x-axis “Jan/Feb…/Dec”  and then start updating the data as each day’s calc are generated.

Can someone show me how to display the grid first? Are there examples I can work from?

Many thanks EH


Hi Ehasted,

You should be able to load the grid with the relevant number of series and 0 datapoints. You can then append data to your chart by calling the -appendNumberOfDataPoints:toEndOfSeriesAtIndex: method, which was added to support streaming in release 2.3.

There is a sample called AppendingData in the samples folder of the framework that should help you on your way!