Displaying axis labels inside plot area


I’m planning on using ShinobiCharts on Android and iOS. I was wondering if it’s possible to display the axis labels inside the plot area - I’m displaying a vertical long scrollable chart with time on the Y axis. However, the actual values are not that critical and space is very limited so I’d like the time labels on the Y axis to be displayed inside the plot area, in the background of the chart.




I found a post indicating I could do this with a negative tick gap. Tried that and the Y axis labels do indeed move to the right, but below the plot area (not visible). I tried making the chart transparent by setting its color to something with zero alpha, but it appears the alpha component is ignored.

I’m using the Android version of ShinobiCharts right now.


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Hi Radu,

While it’s not the intended use of the tick gap feature, setting it to a negative value will, as you have found, move the axis labels onto the plot area. However, the labels will still be overwritten by the lines or columns on the plot area unless you give them an alpha component too - this can be done by using the methods in the style objects of the series.

Just setting a negative tick gap will still leave space for the where the labels would have been drawn. Again, while it’s not the intended use of the feature, you can get rid of this space by calling setExpectedLongestLabel("") on the axis so that it expects the longest string to be the empty string. You need to still show the major ticks marks but can set their length to be 0.

As I said, this is not the intended use of the tick gap feature but I’ll certainly make a note of your requirement for placing the labels on the plot area; you’re not the only person to have asked about this and so we may in the future look to providing a more definite solution.

Kind regards,