Displaying Jan/Feb/Mar along the x axis


I have a basic chart that displays the Earth’s distance form the Sun based on day of the year.
The distance works perfectly. However the xaxis which runs from 1 to 365 displays 01:00:01 on the left hand side and 01:05:01 on the right.
I have NO idea where they numbers even come from as I have set:

[xAxis setDefaultRange:[[SChartNumberRangealloc] initWithMinimum:@1andMaximum:@366]]; What I really want to do is just display Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr etc on the X axis.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks. EH


Hi ehasted,

Thanks for getting in touch!

What axis type are you using for your X-Axis?

As you mentioned dates but are assigning a SChartNumberRange rather than an SChartDateRange.

If you are using an SChartDateTimeAxis you can get the monthly tick labels by setting your X-Axis “majorTickFrequency” property to a month.

If you want to format the tickLabels you can use the “labelFormatter” property on your X-Axis.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,
Andrew Polkinghorn