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I want to have a donut chart where in the series shows the duration of a particular session against time. I am using SChartRadialDataPoint to represent the datapoint in donut chart . But I am not sure how to represent the date and time using SChartRadialDataPoint .Can you help me how to do this with Shinobi charts? Please respond. its urgent. It will be great if you can provide any samples for the same.
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I’m afraid I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to achieve.

However if you mean how to plot data such as time to build an app (Design = 10 hours, Development = 90 hours)

SChartRadialDataPoint *designDataPoint = [[SChartRadialDataPoint alloc] init]; = @"Design";
designDataPoint.value = @10;

SChartRadialDataPoint *developmentDataPoint = [[SChartRadialDataPoint alloc] init]; = @"Development";
designDataPoint.value = @100;

You would then return these data point values from the chart datasource method sChart:dataPointAtIndex:forSeriesAtIndex: (the chart will determine the segment proportions automatically).

I’d recommend taking a look at our ‘PieChart’ sample project included with your download of shinobicharts. Note that SChartPieSeries is a subclass of SChartDonutSeries and can be used almost interchangably. 

I hope that’s of some help.