Draw MACD in stock chart


Can i have an example about MACD (histogram and line chart) chart.
I searched on your github (https://github.com/shinobicontrols )
but i can’t see sample about MACD in play-stock-chart.
So, can somebody help me?


Hello Tasumi,

The best way to achieve this would be to use two line series combined with a candlestick series. From there you should be able to feed in your data to setup the histogram as appropriate. I recommend for you to take a look at the financial / time series chart as that has a good example of multiple series.

Warm regards,

Matt Webber


Yah, i tried and draw with two series lines and a column series. 
But i have another question.
Shinobicontrols can support multiple yAxis in the same chart?
Because when i try draw histogram with the same yAxis value for series lines and column lines. It’s always low and not beautiful.



Yes Shinobi Charts can support multiple y-axes in the same chart. I recommend for you to take a look at the multi-axes sample, this should help for what you’re trying to achieve.