Drawing horizontal straight Line inside Area Chart



Can anyone help me to draw horizontal straight Line inside Area Chart.

I attached a screenshot fro what I mean.



follow those steps:

1- add a line serie ( the delegate methode will now return two)

2- look at the demo and choose one function from there and then make it y = cstValue (where cstValue is a constant value where you want you horizontal straight to be drawn)

3-  you have a two properties in the lineserie: linewidth  for the width and lineColor. you know what are there for.

if you need code let me know


Hi,the solution above should work just fine. 

But we also have annotations for his purpose. The following code should add a line across the chart at an arbitrary value:

SChartAnnotation *a = [SChartAnnotation horizontalLineAtPosition:@(50) withXAxis:chart.xAxis andYAxis:chart.yAxis withWidth:2.f withColor:[UIColor redColor]];
    [chart addAnnotation:a];