Event , width , height SChartBarSeries in iOS (Objective c)


I am implementing the graph SChartBarSeries in iOS, the question iswhat is the event to select a bar.

I could guide an example please.

Also you could guide me with an example to change the width and height of the bar because I tried and I failed.

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Hi Aleck,

  1. This isn’t supported behavior although you can achieve this by using the gestureManager property available from the chart which has a tap gesture recogniser on it (for both single and double tap). You could also look into the toggledSelectionForSeries delegate method. 
  2. We calculate a width in data terms for the bars or columns in a series by examining the minimum distance between any two datapoints along the Y or X axis, respectively. Height on the other hand is determined by the value of the datapoint in question. You can configure the amount of spacing between bars/columns and sets of bars/columns (those which are ‘on the same datapoint’) by setting the interSeriesPadding and interSeriesSetPadding properties on the axis’ style object, where 0.f is no padding and 1.f is all padding.

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Thanks , I’ve solved