Failing to generate dsym file with Gauges


When the ShinobiGauges framework is included in an iOS App then we can’t generate a dsym file. This problem is apparent in both pre-release and 2.5.0. Our application has Grids and Graphs as well but these do not cause the issue. Simply adding the gauges framework causes the problem. 

Changing DEBUG_INFORMATION_FORMAT from “DWARF with dsym file” to simply “DWARF” resolves the issue BUT this is not an option for us as we lose the debug symbols.

We get the following error.

Command /Applications/ failed with exit code 11


The lack of dsym in a 3rd party framework should not be affecting your own code. What is it you need the dsym file for in your app?

Would it be possible for you to send us a sample project which demonstrates the problem?


Hi. We don’t need the dsym for the internals of your framework but we do need it to generate for our own application for debugging purposes (without it we can’t get a stack trace with function symbols etc. if an app crashes) Anyway, I stripped down an application to bare bones and added the gauges framework and now I have to clean and build several times before seeing the issue. When we have our full project it happens everytime. So when you get the sample project you will have to build a few times before seeing it. Where will we send the sample project?


Hi Muff,

Feel free to send in any sample projects to, but be sure to reference the forum post so we can tie to two together!



Were you compiling through xcode or the command line? I’m not able to reproduce the problem through xcode.

If through the command line, what arguments do you use?


We do it both ways, command line and xcode, on two different machines. For xcode make sure you clean the build then build and do this over and over. It will take a few attempts with this stripped down project I gave you. Also if you remove the guages framework then add it back in and then build you will most likely see the issue faster. For our real projects with larger code bases it happenes all the time when gauges is present.


Hi Mtuff,

We’ve managed to replicate it with the project you’ve provided. I’ve raised this as an issue - we’ll look into it & keep you updated on any progress we make.



Hi guys,

In case you missed all the emails and blog posts, 2.6.0 was released recently, which fixes this issue. :slight_smile: