Feature request - dashed line style for line charts


Hi there,

The only place i see reference to dashed lines is for the grids.  Our design team’s comp calls for one of the plotted (data) lines to be shown with a dashed-style.  

Please consider this as a possible feature addition for the future.SChartLineSeriesStyle.  In the meantime, any suggestions for how to hack this in would be much appreciated.  (am considering hacking a discontinus data set)


Hi tomshinobi,

Thank you for this feature suggestion, we have added it to our product backlog. In the meantime, we’ll have a think about how to achieve this effect without the feature, and we’ll get back to you on that.




Hi there,

We’re trying to achieve the same. Is there any update on that yet?



Hey Anu/Tomshinobi,

I had a think about this and I’ve come to the conclusion that there isn’t any way to realistically support dashed lines in ShinobiCharts. At least not at the moment any way. Our development is very user driven so the very fact that you’ve requested this means it is more likely to get done. As Dan says, it has been raised in our backlog - thanks for your suggestion!  :grin:




Any update on supporting dashed lines? 




Hi guys,

With the new 2.7.0 release, this should be possible by using our discontinuous line series - you can provide a nil x-value for a datapoint, and the line series will have a break in it at this point. This could be used to implement a dashed line :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!



Hi guys, 

Im curious how to update the lineStyle for the BOTTOM horizontal line in a grid. I have set the width of the and only the top line gets the treatment. The bottom line is still the default thickness and color.

[_shinobiDataGrid setDefaultGridLineStyle:[SDataGridLineStyle styleWithWidth:0.5f
                                                                       withColor:[UIColor lightGrayColor]]];