Feature Request : pan/jump to a specific value on the x-axis



I’ve really struggled with a reliable way to achieve this so hopefully I’ve missed something or it’s something you might add:


We have a chart with a date/time axis.

The chart covers multiple days.

The chart has some custom controls that let the user jump to specific days e.g. Monday, Tomorrow, Weekend etc

I know where these dates are in my datasource.

I would like to be able to pan the chart to a specific date value when the user presses these buttons.

Can’t seem to do this, I can only pan by a value which isn’t what I want?


Hi Scott - you should be able to do this using the setRangeWithMinimum:andMaximum: method on your date/time axis - there’s an animation parameter which you may find handy too. Let us know if you have any difficulty!