Forward pan gesture to Chart superview


I want to disable the pan gesture in the chart and use another pan gesture that is added on the superview of that I added the chart on it.

Every time i try to use the pan gesture that i added on the superview of the chart it doesn’t refelct and no action happen and the action run correctly once i make the chart view userInteractionEnabled = no, but in this case I couldn’t use crosshair in the chart.

Can some one help me in this issue?



 Hi Mahmoudhelaly,

I think you should be able to achieve your desired effect by creating a new SChartGesturePanType assigning it to SChartGesturePanTypeNone, and then assigning the gesturePanType property on your chart to your newly created SChartGesturePanType like so: 

SChartGesturePanType *sChartGestuePanType = SChartGesturePanTypeNone;
    chart.gesturePanType = sChartGestuePanType;

Kind regards,

Daniel Allsop


Thank you very much for your help it worked very well