Gap in chart displaying data (Android)


I’m getting a large gap in the chart displaying 1500 data points, while refreshing a little more than once a second.  This only happens on one of two devices I’m testing, so I’m trying to track down if this is something I’m doing wrong with the charts or elsewhere in the code base.

Here’s an image (tried to include it but didn’t seem to work):


Hi. We were wondering how you were getting on with this issue? Are you still experiencing the gaps in your data? We’ve also emailed you directly.




I think we’d narrowed it down to a certain Android OS version but i don’t know off the top of my head which.  I think 5.0.2.  I think it was only on a Dell Venue 10" tablet, which doesn’t have any plans to upgrade from 5.0.1.  So for now we’re trying to use other tablets.