Get openGL object from chart


The backstory:
I am trying to add a feature to my app where my clients can export a report within the application. Currently, my app takes the root view of the report, and generates a Bitmap from it. Next, it decodes it into a byte array and exports it as an image. However, when I view the exported image, the charts are invisible.

ShinobiCharts is based on openGL, correct? I found a solution to get image without skipping the openGL rendered components but it needs the openGL object.

The question:
Is there a way to access the openGL object used to render the charts?


What is the version of Android on the device on which you see the issue?
Are your charts off-screen when you try to capture the snap shot?
Do any of your chart components within the plot area use an alpha value with their colour?
We do use open GL in our charts to render the plot area. I trust you are using the requestSnapshot API?