Getting SChartSeries frame in super view


I created a stacked column graph and I would like to get the CGRect of each bar at the xAxis.  I am trying to add some images and text directly below each series.  However, the number of series are dynamic so I cannot just hardcode the frames.  

Also, is there a way I can set the width of each bar?


Hi Rtvanals,


Take a look at this thread, you might find it helpful:

Currently, there is no way of specifying the width of each bar. This is automatically calculated taking into account the number of bars, series, and interSeriesPadding and interSeriesSetPadding. If you want to modify the widths, you’ll have to manipulate the inputs to our width calculating formula:

( (minSpacing * (1 - interSeriesSetPadding) ) / numColSeries) * (1 - interSetPadding)

Also, it is important to note, that widths are calculated in terms of data, not pixels.