Grouping columns in a chart with stacked columns


Hi – I would like to create a column chart that captures three independent variables and a dependent variable relating to the Olympics – (1) year, (2) country, (3) medal type (gold, silver, bronze) and (4) medal count.  The year would be the primary variable along the x-axis, and for each year there would be three columns, one for gold, one for silver and one for bronze.  The columns would be stacked columns, with a series for each of three or so countries, and the height of the column segment would be the number of medals for that year and medal type.

I know how to create a stacked column chart.  What I’m wondering is how to split out three stacked columns, one for each medal type, which are repeated for each year of the data set.  Any help you can provide is appreciated.


Here is an image that captures the basic idea of grouping columns on a variable:

column chart


There will be a stack created for each distinct stack index. In your example , you will need a different stack index for each country. In this example with 3 countries (a,b,c) you will also need 9 series: 3 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze (one for each medal type for each country). Assign the bronze, silver and gold series for each contry the stackIndex for that country.


Thank you!

Do you know of a way to provide x-axis labels for the individual column stacks?



I’m also looking for a way to display column stack labels.  Did you find a solution?



Hi Hugo,

I haven’t figured it out yet.  I’ll try to remember to post an answer if and when I do.  Hopefully someone else will know this and be able to give a tip (perhaps Stu?).