Hang when setting majorTickFrequency on SChartDateTimeAxis


I’ve been trialling ShinobiCharts in my app for the past few days, and I’ve hit upon a big problem for me: when the app starts in the simulator, it freezes on launch every second launch. On the device it freezes on launch every time. 

The fix is to not set the majorTickFrequency — setting the minorTickFrequency is fine. I’m setting it to:

[SChartDateFrequency dateFrequencyWithDay:1]

Is this a known issue? What can I do to track down what’s causing this?


Hi Tony,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having this issue with ShinobiCharts.  This isn’t a known issue, but I’ll try and get to the bottom of what is going on.  In order to help me replicate the issue at this end, could you send me a little more information about how you’re configuring the chart?  On your date/time axis, what is the range of the data you’re using?  How many data points are there in your chart series?

If it would be possible to send me the code you’re using to set up the chart, that would be great, as I would be able to set things up here to replicate the situation which causes the issue.

Many thanks,



Hi Dan, I’ve just walked through and rebuilt the chart in question, and now the majorTickFrequency seems to be working. I rationalised the ranges I was using, so perhaps that was the problem?


Hi Tony,

Yeah, that sounds like it could have been the problem.  If the data range on the axis is much larger than the tick frequency being set, the chart will be rendering a very large amount of tick marks and grid lines.  I found earlier that I could make a chart hang by setting a large data range and then setting a very small tick frequency relative to that range.  

I’ll raise an issue in our backlog to investigate the point at which this becomes a performance issue, and whether there are things we can do in the chart to mitigate this.

Anyway, I’m glad that you’ve gotten your chart working as you’d like.  Good luck with your app development!

Many thanks,



Hello Dan,

We also have similar problem

Could you give us some light on possible performance improvements please ?