Header file buildtime errors


I am a beginner in using shinobuchart. I used this library in my project. But I faced a weird problem when I sent It and downloaded the project. 50 builtime errors occur and all of the associated with the header file. Even though the app works as intended but it is so annoying having these errors there as I am going to submit it as a university project. Could anyone help me please!


Hi Buzda,

I’m afraid without a little more detail as to what the errors are, I’m not really able to offer much help.

When you say

“I faced a weird problem when I sent It and downloaded the project”

Does that mean before sending the project you got it to build ok? If so, then it may be that the framework is not being included within your zipped file. When you inspect the unzipped file’s contents does it contain the framework?



thank you for your reply @sburnstone. They are only warnings, the app works fine. I do not think this is a big problem


@sburnstone I am developing a tabbed application and trying to use the data in one view to update the plot in the other view.
Is there a way to update the plot by the user?
I managed to push the data from one view to the other, and I verified this using a button and a label to visualise this data, but I could not use it to update the plot. This is an essential part of my project, that is to allow the use to control the plot using the inputs.