Help with Excel


I have this Excel file on my server   http://MEDICALEDUCATIONALCOURSES.ORG/excel/file.xls

Can someone point me in the direction on where I can  find documentation on how to extract the data for ShinobiControls Graphs please.

thank you ahaed of time for any help. 


I can also use a mySQL database if it would be easier


Hi Hcri50,

ShinobiCharts is a UI component so you’d need to handle all the data management yourself, parsing it into datapoints before providing it to the chart. It looks to me as though you need to research the following:

  1. How to make web requests on iOS.
  2. How to parse xls files, and extract data.
  3. How to provide data to a ShinobiChart.

I can’t realy help you with 1 & 2, but we’ve got all sorts of documentation & guides demonstrating how to get a chart up and running. The simplest place to start is our ‘Getting Started’ guide:

Oh - I noticed you’d posted the same question twice so I deleted the duplicate, I hope you don’t mind!

Jan Akerman