Hide labels for a specific Axis


Is it possible to hide labels for a specific Axis? In particluar, I created a column chart where Y axis has number (0, 1, 2, 3, etc.). Also the X axis has numbers but I would like to hide them since I put custom annotations for them. In particular, the annotations are put behind the values displayed in the X axis. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.


I found my own. Thanks anyway.

XAxis.Style.MajorTickStyle.ShowLabels = false;

P.S. I'm using MonoTouch.


Using the previous line of code, this is the result. Why 0 value along the Y axis is not shown anymore?

XAxis hase been set up like the following.

XAxis = new SChartNumberAxis ();
XAxis.EnableGesturePanning = false;
XAxis.EnableGestureZooming = false;
XAxis.EnableMomentumPanning = false;
XAxis.EnableMomentumZooming = false;
XAxis.MajorTickFrequency = new NSNumber (1);
XAxis.AxisPositionValue = new NSNumber (0);
XAxis.Style.GridStripeStyle.ShowGridStripes = false;
XAxis.Style.MajorGridLineStyle.ShowMajorGridLines = false;
XAxis.Style.MajorTickStyle.ShowLabels = false;
XAxis.Style.MajorTickStyle.ShowTicks = false;

While YAxis is

YAxis = new SChartNumberAxis (new SChartNumberRange(0, 13));
YAxis.EnableGesturePanning = false;
YAxis.EnableGestureZooming = false;
YAxis.Style.GridStripeStyle.ShowGridStripes = false;
YAxis.Style.MajorTickStyle.ShowTicks = false;
YAxis.Style.MajorTickStyle.ShowLabels = true;
YAxis.Style.MajorGridLineStyle.LineColor = UIColor.White;


Hi Lorenz,

I investigated into this issue using the exact code you posted and was unable to replicate your issue.

If you are still experiencing this issue can you attach a cut down version of your project to an email and send it to us at info@shinobicontrols.com.

This way we can quickly get to source of your issue and send you our conclusion as soon as we can. 

Kind Regards,
Andrew Polkinghorn